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Super Simple PIC Programmer

Here is a Super simple PIC Microcontroller ISCP Programmer that only uses 3 resistors. In this example I use a 18F2550 but it can be used for many other PICs.

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Project: Arduino Accelerometer Logging Sheild

Accelerometer Project

Alright this is my first time posting a full project, so be gentle if i make any mistakes. Also the project is still ongoing but a few people emailed me asking for details and schematics. So I will be making updates and I will note any updates.

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First Logfile


This is a Logfile off my MicroSD card, the first digits are the Microseconds since the microcontroller has been on, the next three sets digits are the raw 10-bit ADC values. The code is sloppy at the moment and has to be optimized, as you can see I’m getting inconsistent sample periods.

MicroSD slocket Added to Accelerometer Sheild

MicroSDHere I added a Surface mount Micro SD card socket (again soldered with 30AWG wires) and super glued to the board carefully not to mess up the spring inside the connector.

Houston we have data!

accsoftwareWoot! here is some software I threw togeather in VB6 (I know, Gross) to help me debug my Accelerometer data.

DIY Arduino Accelerometer Shield

DIY Accelerometer ShieldThis is a Little DIY Accelerometer Sheild that I built to mess around with my Arduino. It uses a MMA7260 from Freescale. Its a QFN so I hand soldered (30AWG) Wrapping Wire to the pins I needed and mounted it on a small PCB. Who needs breakout boards :)

Super Ghetto RS232 Converter


I needed a 3.3v serial to TTL converter so I threw this togeather a Max3232 out of stuff I had laying around. Works like a charm.

Arduino Pro 3.3v

Arduino Pro 3.3v

Got this Arduino Pro 3.3v free from a Contest :)

First Official Post!

Hello everyone out ther in internet lands. This is my blog / electronic projects site. I’ll mostly be posting pictures and updates on my random projects and parts and stuff, basicly nerd porn.